How to BreatheSync

BreatheSync is a biofeedback iPhone app that helps you to synchronise your breathing with your heart rhythm, using the camera to monitor your pulse by placing your finger over the lens.

There are three simple steps to feel and perform better:

• Place your finger over the camera lens and flash on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Breathe in and out in time with the circles on the app.

• Review your WQ (Wellbeing Quotient) measure. Simple.

This short video – ‘The 3 keys to breathing well’ that will help you learn to breathe better and get the most out of BreatheSync.

You can use BreatheSync to track your WQ over days, weeks and months. Monitor lows, highs, averages, targets and even compare yourself to other users of the same sex and age. Daily notifications can be set to help develop a daily BreatheSync habit. All with the result of increasing your WQ and helping you to feel and be more relaxed and less stressed.

The way that BreatheSync picks up your pulse is ingenious. When your heart beats the colour of your finger changes and these subtle variations allow BreatheSync to analyse your heart beat and the variations in your pulse. BreatheSync then times your breathing to maximise the positive effect of deep controlled breathing on your Autonomic Nervous System and that improves the regulation of your stress and relaxation responses. While you are breathing BreatheSync then analyses the variation in your pulse to give an indication of your present state of inner well-being – your WQ.


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