Why BreatheSync?

When you’re stressed, your heart and breathing get out of sync. BreatheSync gets your breathing and heart back in sync fast, so that you feel relaxed and think more clearly.

  • Stress is killing us, making us ill and making us unhappy. Just three minutes a day of controlled breathing can make a big difference to how you feel and how you perform.
  • BreatheSync helps you to get maximum benefit from controlled breathing through biofeedback from your pulse.
  • It previously cost hundreds of pounds to measure the fluctuations in your heart rate that indicate your inner well-being. With BreatheSync now it doesn’t. You can now measure and track your well-being with our research based Wellbeing Quotient (WQ). BreatheSync is the first iPhone app in the world to do this.
  • As you carry your iPhone everywhere, BreatheSync is with you whenever you feel the need to relax or focus without any external sensors.

People around the world use BreatheSync for a number of things everyday -

1, To reduce stress

2, To relax

3, To get in the zone (to perform, to create or to produce)

4, To alleviate anxiety

5, To aid mindfulness and meditation

6, To prepare for sleep

7, To lower blood pressure*

8, To increase self-control

9, To improve their immune system

10, To measure and track their inner well-being

11, To feel good fast


*Note this is not a medical application and not designed to replace the advice of a physician. If in doubt consult your physician or doctor.


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