What does my WQ mean?

The Wellbeing Quotient (WQ) measurement used on BreatheSync is derived from research into the benefits of controlled, deep, autonomic breathing. By measuring the pulse rate variation in participants heart rates it was possible to measure the impact of breathing on the functioning of the Autonomic Nervous System. The ANS is the system that controls the ‘Fight or flight’ stress response and the ‘relax and digest’ relaxation response in the body. This is turn has a major impact on the functioning of other systems in the body – notably the brain. Here the stress response causes the pre-frontal cortex (the part that helps you think clearly) to switch off leaving you at the mercy of your ‘lizard brain’ (the part that makes you react emotionally).

BreatheSync have created the WQ index as a simple way to monitor the health of your autonomic nervous system as it is a good guide to your inner wellbeing. Based on the mathematics of the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), a WQ of 100 is average for your age. Below 100 is below average and above 100 is above! It is normal to find variations throughout the day as your stress and energy levels vary. That said our experience shows that most people are under average.

What your WQ results mean:

70 or less
This means you are probably a bit tired, stressed or maybe unwell. It is natural that you find variances from day to day and sometimes even from one moment to the next. If you consistentantly get WQ results under 70 you should consider making changes to your lifestyle. Get more sleep. Exercise more. Eat a more healthy diet. Relax more. Sometimes a few good nights sleep can make all the difference.

TIP: Rest & recover…

70 – 90
You are probably not feeling the best you can feel at the moment. Maybe try a longer BreatheSync session. Don’t forget that regular deep breathing is a great way to improve your WQ. As above, positive lifestyle changes will make a difference. You are still a bit below average so you need to take heed and stop pushing yourself too hard.

TIP: Don’t over do it, take it easy…

90 & over
The higher your WQ the better you probably feel. You might feel really relaxed or in fact really energised. Either way you feel in the zone and ready to take on challenges and stretch yourself.

TIP: Go for it…

Maintaining an average of over 90 should be a goal. It may take time but you can track your progress with the BreatheSync charts. The blue line gives your trend and you can view the results by week, by month, by 3 months or by all readings.

The ‘Usage’ pie chart gives you an idea of how often you are using BreatheSync. Each slice represents a day and the darker the blue the more frequent you are using the app.

Remember making BreatheSync a habit is key to long term improvement in your wellbeing.


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